Saturday, 31 January 2009

First blog post

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride the last couple of months. A hundred hand-painted Christmas cards and all that, then DH took me for a surprise break in Hong Kong for New Year and our anniversary, which was fabby! Then he's back to work for a week so I got the laundry and ironing pile down to below the level of the basket lid, then he gets another week off for Chinese New Year and now I'm back where I started - drowning in laundry again!

Seriously, it's been lovely having him home, and we've had a relaxing, chilled time. He didn't even get his cage rattled when he received his P45 in the post yesterday and that would have rattled me! For those who don't know, that's the British Inland Revenue's form making it official that the recipient is no longer an employee of his company. Now if you've changed your job or been fired then that's what you'd expect after a month or two. But he has not left his job or been fired. We think it's because of the latest in umpteen mergers/takeovers his company's currently going through, but it's a little shattering. And on a Saturday morning too, when you can't even call anyone up and say "excuse me, WTH?"

I'm so excited though! I've signed up for a Scrapbook Design University basic course! It's 4 Tuesdays starting this week. It's a luxury but DH wants me to do it, so I'm kicking my conscience down to size. I always have so many ideas, my little notebook is full of sketches and notes, but when I sit down with the beautiful stuff in front of me, I'm afraid to make that first cut in case I ruin a beautiful piece of paper. I'm nuts, aren't I? Then I get it all laid out, unstuck, until I'm happy with the way it looks, then when I go to stick it down I get it wrong. Even when I've taken a photo. Sheesh! I can draw and paint but I can't follow a simple layout. Hopefully I'll pick up a few tips.

Well we were going to go to the Night Safari tonight, but it's looking black as ink over Will's mother's so I imagine we'll be staying in and watching Most Haunted instead. Most Haunted with the candles lit, meatloaf sandwiches, chocolate and a nice bottle of red. I can't think of anything nicer!

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