Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm a LIMette!

That's our new name over at Less Is More. I think it's funny - it makes me think of 1970s female soul singer groups!

I will say that this clean and simple lark is addictive. Did I say that before? I don't think I've made one card for the LIM challenges that hasn't lead to a bunch more the same, and bless my soul, look what's happened this week. I swear I only made a couple to start with. They must have bred overnight while DH was asleep, and they even produced their own little envelopes as well, all matching colours. Haha!

This of course, is the natural result of spending yesterday tidying up, and cleaning out my scraps folder, and punching out a few hundred shapes out of those annoying little off-cuts from cutting files and punches that hook themselves to each other. I have a mark on the heel of my hand that looks like a love bite now.

I also found a pack of A6/C6 cards with envelopes that I got from Paperchase in Singapore a while ago. I went to open them yesterday and was irritated to find that they are not card blanks, they're blinking postcards. Gah. Who buys postcards with envelopes? Well me of course, obviously, but I mean on purpose?  So these got scored midway and made into mini-notelets, but then the envelopes were too big, so I had to work out how to use my Enveloper to make new ones in a size NOT on the instructions. THAT was interesting. I had to write out new instructions/measurements, and make templates out of scrap paper....

LIM's challenge this week is "off-centre: little or no symmetry but perfect balance". The greeting stamp is from Quixotic Paperie, the punch from the $2 store in Singapore's Plaza Singapora, and Diamond Stickles.


Mandi said...

Great bunch of cards, super effective!
Are you on backing vocals or in the front lien up? Id have to hide at the back and mime lol
Thanks so much
Diva LIM
Less is More

Dolly Daydreams said...

I wish my cards would re-produce during the night or even the day time to be honest , must be doing something wrong. These are lovely simply devine.


Chrissie said...

These are super... I'm a great one for using up scraps, but it looks as though you've been super effective here.
The French send postcards in envelopes... so as not to spoil the image I guess. I have all sorts of 'new' envelope sizes that I've worked out over time to use with my Enveloper Pro... well done on sorting out yours!
Lady LIM
"Less is More"

Debgem said...

Fabulous!!! Love the design - and the way they bred over night :)

Jenny said...

Fab design and the full set is great. Love the idea of using up scraps :)
Jenny x

Kathyk said...

Nice to see you didn't simply put them to one side and seek out other cardstock.

Lovely job you made of your revamped postcards too - great idea.

Also glad to see it's not just me trapped in a time warp with Limmy and the family something or other!!! (I'm thinking cooking! - does that make sense?)


Aileen said...

A super set of cards. love the graduated colours. x

Suze Bain said...

These are great (and what a tidy organised desk you have!) x

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Wow, way to knock out some cards, and I'm with the tidy desk commenter, you wouldn't see wood on my desk.

Sally H said...

These are fabulous! I love the design and the colours!

Tamara said...

Love those cards! So cute! And you need to come visit Port Angeles and teach my cards how to reproduce like that. I'd love to wake up to a desk full of such lovely cards in the morning! ;)

sasa said...

great design that works in all colours - nice work.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Sarah at 182

Susan said...

Wow! You really got serious about this and created a fabulous set!! Love them!

Lynn said...

Fabulous design, and well done for using up those scraps. I'm turning green with envy over those made-up envelopes. :-) It's my biggest nightmare. Happy crafting. Lynn x

Zoechaos said...

Great and clever design the thumbnail insisted i visit! XOXO Zoe