Monday, 27 June 2011


I've been so lucky this month. We had A and S come to stay with us, and I had the fun of taking them around the area and seeing things with them which I wouldn't normally see, as well as our favourites from MIL's and FIL's trip again. I mean, is it possible to get tired of cuddling kangaroos, smoothing koalas and quokka-hunting?

A and S are so easy to entertain. They appreciated my cooking, helped with the washing up and were interested in everything. We enjoyed some wonderful meals and discovered alcohol-removed and sulphate-free wine - not in the same bottle! They stayed for a week, then they spent a week away flying to Uluru, getting the coach to Alice Springs and the Ghan train to Adelaide, before flying back to us for a final few days. Here are some photos from their trip.

No this isn't them! This is a quokka on Rottnest Island. All the others were snoozing in the sun, but this little chap was very alert. He came right up to me and sniffed my hand. He had a cold nose.

Aaaaaah! Look at the fluff on her! She was the well-behaved one. Karen, on the other hand, kept trying to run off with the children and caused the volunteer keepers a lot of angst. They ended up calling Steve the koala man to rescue them. When he arrived, with a big grin on his face, she ran up his legs and sat on his hip like a small child - she just wanted a cuddle, bless her. Our little model here just sat serenely and watched all the commotion from her tree, calm as (as they say around here). I think A wanted to take her home with him.

It's a hard life being a mum. Her joey is having a drink from inside the pouch, and mum is just resting on her teen's back. I could be a kangaroo, I think.

Here is A! "Ugh. I'm scared." (Check out that smile though.)

I took them to Fremantle prison.

S and her camera.

Aha. That's what she's immortalising: Perth by night, how beautiful. And much better than my blurred, wonky balanced-on-a-bird-poo-topped-post effort.

Us all at the Silver Spoon, our favourite local restaurant, for our second visit with them. Always worth a dessert shot. I have candy-floss in a wine-glass, with Turkish delight and rose granita. Not easy to eat but worth every sticky hair and eyelash.

Thanks for a wonderful time both of you! Come again!

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Squirrel x said...

Awwwwwwwwwwh! I love koala bears!! And now I know what my squirrel-kin looks like :oD Sxx