Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh deer squirrels!

Just a quickie, as I'm supposed to be glossing windowsills and skirting boards. Yes, I know. That's why I'm here, putting that off! I've done the sanding and washing, and I'm just waiting for it to dry off before getting out the turps hand-dessicater.

DH is back at work today, leaving me free rein in the house. I have to share with you the friends who visited us yesterday.

This little chap had just had a fight with a greater spotted woodpecker over the feeder. He won.

I went outside yesterday evening to lock up the back cellar door and I heard a be-domp be-domp be-domp be-domp and two deer went cantering down the garden right past me. They must have been about 6 yards away from me. They didn't go far - I could see them at the bottom of the garden watching us. 2 minutes later they were back. Here is mum, looking very moth-eaten from her winter moult.

And here is her handsome son, possible last year's young, or maybe one of those spotty babies that I showed you 18 months ago. Hasn't he grown? See the beautiful velvet on those proud new antlers.

And mum and son together under the magnolia tree, hoovering up the fallen flowers. DH and I were standing at the open window above them, talking and clicking away. They kept looking up at us, but obviously decided we were no threat, and carried on munching. 

Seriously. Tell me why we ever left this place?


Squirrel x said...

Damn, you caught me! Obviously the Cloak Of Squirrel Invisibleness didn't work this time. Gorgeous photos hun - the most we get in the back garden is Mr Tabs using our raised flower bed as a loo and sharpening his claws on my favourite tree! Hugs, Squirrelly Squirrel xx

Nilsa said...

Rosey, lovely scenery and great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

I live north of Denver, CO. I thought my garden was nice, but how lovely yours is! Oh, how I would love to visit the english countryside! I don't even care about seeing London, but would really love to see your country side some day!