Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I've got no weather

When I started this blog, I found this fantastic little Google Gadget called MyWeather. You probably saw it at the top of the blog posts, and thought "so Singapore's got thunderstorms again" or "crikey, it's hot there". Or maybe not. Anyway, I like having a little weather icon to show me that someone somewhere in the world thinks it's raining here when it's not. Yet. And MyWeather was perfect for the job.

Then instead of a cute little sun with a cloud and a lightning bolt through it, it started showing "data not found" errors, and so I investigated. It turns out that someone's got cross with this chap calling his fun, harmless little piece of wizardry "MyWeather", because someone else started using that name first. How very school playground. So he's got to change the name, and until he's finished the programming, I have no weather. Not Kewl. That happens to be the software writer's web-site, but it's also how I feel about the whole thing. Grr.

Meanwhile, Heffalump Child continues to bring the ceiling down with her size 2s, and Wooden Blocks carries on with his attempts to miss the carpet. He's doing pretty well so far. I'm not sure which is worse: the previous constant clatter or just an occasional heart-jumping crash. Neither are good for the concentration. And last night we had opera coming up through the floor, so I guess Dutch Twinkle is back from his trip home.

Today I'm going to finish my brother's birthday card. His birthday is tomorrow (oops) but I've been planning, worrying and darn near dreaming about this dratted card for weeks, wanting to get it right. Inspiration came to me in the shower yesterday morning, as it often does, and I spent half the day working on it. So I'm going to call tomorrow to wish him a Happy Birthday and apologise for the card being late, but hopefully he'll find it worth the wait. Ish.

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