Thursday, 14 May 2009


Fellow crafters, prepare to be jealous!

For my birthday this year, DH clubbed together with all the relatives to give me a QuicKutz Silhouette digital craft cutter. I've been wanting one ever since joining ScrapJazz and reading all about the Cricut that is so popular in the US, and seeing all the beautiful lettering and shapes it can cut.

The Cricut isn't available in Singapore, but the Silhouette is, and for me it's better. The Cricut needs cartridges which have been pre-programmed with shapes, and are expensive (and addictive - right?!) to buy. The Silhouette can cut any font already installed on the computer, and any .jpg file which has a defined outline. Which means I can also draw my own shapes for it - wow!

I'm loving playing with it and with the software, and I've made my first card with it. I'll show you once the birthday boy has received it.

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