Friday, 18 December 2009

Published - ScrapJazz Card Sketch Challenge

This is a scheduled post, because my brother is visiting us and we'll be taking him out all over the place.

Back in October I volunteered for a card sketch challenge, which I forgot all about! It was for ScrapJazz and this was the sketch.

Well whether I read the challenge wrongly, or whether I just didn't notice that this sketch has no sides I have no idea. I suppose I saw the line at the top of it, and my brain added the other three in all by itself. Anyway, I made this neat little anniversary card.

I squashed the design into a landscape orientation for added interest. I wanted to have the birds facing each other, but I only had one stamp. I got over this by stamping and embossing onto vellum, then turning it over and stamping and embossing onto the other side so that the image showed through. Not easy actually! But then it just needed tearing into shape, matting, adding ribbon, greeting and the cutest little padlock charm I've seen in a long time, mounting onto Basic Grey Indian Summer paper, et voila - a rich, romantic little number.

Two months later I checked out the ScrapJazz articles as I do periodically, and there was the December 2009 Sketch Challenge. Yay! What a lovely surprise! But I read it through with growing disquiet, because everyone else had cut an oval-shaped card. How embarrassing! Had I overlooked something obvious? I mean I had checked with Louise, the author, whether my contribution was OK, and she replied with a diplomatic "it's great, thanks!"

But no, I rechecked the directions, and nowhere did it say that the card itself had to be shaped. So it's fine really, because a sketch is a sketch is a sketch - you can muck about with it any way you want as long as it's recognisable at the end. Phew.

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Michelle said...

I would've made a rectangle-shaped card too.