Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Booking Christmas dinner in Singapore

Me: Good afternoon, have you got any places left for your Christmas dinner?
Hotel: Ah yes lah.
Me: Oh good, is there a traditional British turkey dinner?
Hotel: Yes, it is all a seafoot special.
Me: (pause while I work this out) So is it only seafood?
Hotel: Yes lah, seafoot special lah, prown, shreem, smoke sal-mon, crap.
Me: Oh, I don’t think my husband would like that. Will there definitely not be any turkey or other meat at all?
Hotel: There is also a carvery with turkey meats.
Me: Ah! Oh that’s all right then. Can I book two places?
Hotel: Yes lah, wha' time you li'e?
Me: Would 12:30 be OK?
Hotel: Ah you wan' the Champagne Brunch no' the dinner? I thot you set dinner?
Me: The bru….? Oh I see, that’s what it’s called here is it? I’m sorry! Will there be turkey at the brunch?
Hotel: Yes lah.
Me: (triple-checking) So it’s the same menu as the dinner is it?
Hotel: Yes lah.
Me: Fine, can I book two places for the brunch then?
Hotel: Ah no places lef for brunch lah, all fooly book.
Me: Ah, OK then, thanks for your help, goodbye….


Georgina, said...

home cooking it is then!! LOL

Michelle said...

lol - that would be so annoying