Sunday, 30 May 2010

Scrap Whispers Challenge #66 - New

I'm starting with the picture for a change. Does it look familiar? I hope so, because it's the partner of my All Change LO from a few weeks ago, but I took this photo in the daytime sunshine and the other in the electric light, so it's a completely different colour in the photo. They do match in real life, I promise.

The map paper is Kaisercraft, and it's perfect for this. I'm the sort of person who has to know where I am on the map. For years I have carried a tiny pocket atlas in my diary, and it's done me proud at many a pub-quiz. I was introduced to a girl from Zambia the other day, and I got my little map out for her to show me where her home was - to everyone's great amusement. When DH worked on oil rigs and floating platforms, I found it quite unnerving not to be able to look at a map and know where he was on it. "Somewhere in that bit of blue there" was not enough for me. I want to put a scale on it, but the maths was just too complicated so I gave that up. Maybe I will when I'm feeling braver.

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