Sunday, 13 June 2010

Deer me!

Our garden again. See anything? Look really closely. There, right in the middle.

There she is. A female roe deer, just chillin' out, chewing on some brambles. She sat there for about 25 minutes, not even moving when I opened the window although she turned her head and looked straight at me. After a while she unhurriedly got to her feet and wandered up the garden, munching as she went. She had a good old nose around our decking, chewed on some roses, then ambled past the front door and up our drive. She disposed of some weeds, then went up onto the cul-de-sac and was gone. Have I mentioned lately how much I love it here?!


DH said...

The English part of me is thinking "aawwwww!", the Singapore part of me is thinking "stir fry!", and the Aussie part is thinking "BBQ!".
Thanks for posting these photos, it's so nice to see Home again.

If you can give the external walls a lick of paint before you leave that would be great ;->

DH xxxxx

Squirrel said...

Aye aye skipper, I'll just get me ladder ;-)

Tamara said...

I love that we both have deer in our yards! Are you enjoying being home? I hope so.