Friday, 25 June 2010


Today is my last full day at the house. In the last three weeks I've organised:
  • 10 wasps' nests killed in loft
  • garden reclaimed from the jungle!
  • replacement of double-glazing
  • replacement of two ceilings
  • nearly all the ceilings stripped of their stippled artex and re-plastered
  • a whole wall replastered (it came down when the ceiling was replaced)
  • repairs to the roof
  • new bathroom fittings to replace the ones that the tenants damaged
  • new light fittings in the kitchen and bathroom
  • new locks
  • air vent fitted in the box room
  • extractor fan fitted in the bathroom
  • removal of old agent
  • appointment of a new agent
Plus I've found people to paint the house exterior, repair the front canopy, build a conservatory and resurface the front garden, to be done on future trips. And I've sized all the new ceilings except for one which isn't dry yet. Not to mention a hundred and one other little tasks, too numerous to list here.

I'm tired, I'm aching, I'm just now feeling the effects of the junk food I've lived on, in the absence of a working kitchen. I haven't seen any of the other friends I wanted to see. I've only had an hour with the niece and nephew and a few hours with MIL/FIL. It's been hard work. I'm meeting up with friends tomorrow on my way back to my family's, then I fly back to Australia on Tuesday, arriving in the early hours of Thursday. Then I can have a bit of a rest, and I'm looking forward to it.

I may not post again until I get back (internet access at Mum's is dodgy) so have a great weekend, and COME ON ENGLAND!


Rica said...

Just popping over to see what you're up to. Thought I'd been busy but you've put me to shame. One hornets nest, tiled the kitchen and half way through building a computer station. Pretty pathetic by your standards.
I'll catch up with you when you arrive back in Australis - hope you have a good journey.
hugs Heather xx

nerllybird said...

Wow, there's busy, lol! Hope you get your well-deserved rest. (TEN wasps' nests??? eewwwwww!)x

Anonymous said...

wow, Rosey, you have been so busy. I should have known you would be able to tackle all of that, how fantastic!