Thursday, 16 December 2010


It's been so busy here. Our priest is away for a month over Christmas and the New Year (I didn't think that was allowed!) leaving minor chaos. He's one of those incredible people who keeps 200 balls in the air at any given time, without mentioning to anyone what he's doing - which is fine and admirable when he's here, but a massive waste of everyone's time trying to work out what ought to be happening when he's not around. I think I'm the only person around who minds much. Everyone else just goes with the flow, and if things go wrong they just shrug. I wish I could be like that - I care too much!

Last week I was helping Eileen while she was cleaning the Vestry for the visiting clergy. She found boxes of partially-used candles, all misshapen and melted together. I found some more in the rubbish bin when I went to empty it. Rather than chuck them all out, this pyromaniac here took them home, melted them down, separated all the icky bits and made some new candles to give to our Advent Bible study group. They loved them, and I loved making them - only playing with paper beats the fun of messing about with candle wax. ;-) I may not be paper-crafting, but it takes something drastic to drag me from doing any crafting at all.

There are a couple missing from this photo, and I still have three more to make for Christmas stocking fillers. Aren't they pretty?

I think this qualifies for Stampavie's "make a gift" challenge, and maybe Creative Card Crew's "anything goes" challenge. Let's see!


Georgina said...

Oh Rosey - you are so talented! How do you come up with this stuff!! They look amazing! Great job recycling them!

Tamara said...

Rosey they are so lovely. What a wonderful idea you had! Hugs! Tamara

Chrissie said...

This is such a fabulous project. No-one would ever guess that they had been recycled!
What a wonderful way to use all those precious scraps!
Thanks so much for sharing them with us at the CCC this week!
Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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