Friday, 7 February 2014

Too much sadness

Tuesday 4th February was Cancer Awareness Day. It was also the day that my friend Jen lost her K9 Cop husband to complications from leukaemia.

Phil was diagnosed only last autumn, shortly before Jen lost her mother to Motor Neurone Disease (ALS). He went through one round of chemotherapy but it didn't work, and he had just been admitted for the second treatment. He was doing well, good appetite, positive, cheerful until Sunday when he went downhill very quickly, and passed away early on Tuesday. He leaves three heartbroken girls.

Down the road from us, Rev. John celebrated his 90th birthday last July. He went to be with God this week as well. He used to be in my church choir, so as designated choir card-maker, I made both cards the same.

May God bless their souls and give strength and peace to those they leave behind.


Tanya Ham said...

((hugs)) to you. So sad.

Nora N. said...

What a beautiful blog post. I LOVE your card. It is perfect for Jen. Thank you for playing!!