Saturday, 28 November 2009

Some more Christmas cards

I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment. I've made nearly 40 Christmas cards this week! Of course I'm not going to be able to share them all, but I did make some of them to fit some more of Fab's Big Christmas Cards Challenges.

Week #44 was half patterned, half plain paper.

Week #37 was rectangles and glitter. This card is all rectangles and I love the glitter sticker.

Week #35 was stripes and dots and/or no-fabric ribbon. I didn't do the paper ribbon part, but this gorgeous Indian paper has both stripes and silver glitter dots on it. Sorry about the rubbish photo. My camera really struggles with getting the exposure right on black cards.

Week #30 was cute and square. No problems there for my Studio G stamp and some off-cuts. It's sort of supposed to be a snowflake, but DH couldn't see it. That's OK, it's pretty, cute and square.

And finally Week #27 (I'm working back now - this was July!) was to use rounded corners and/or epoxy stickers. I planned this all on one card, honest, but when I went to check, I'd forgotten to round the corners on every one of the cards with epoxy stickers on. But I did round a lot of corners, so I've done two cards for this challenge and I hope that's sufficient.


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Michelle said...

cute cards - you are so good