Monday, 8 March 2010

Today we fly to Australia!

This is a scheduled post, because this morning at 9:30am we fly to Australia to live in Perth for the next two years.

The temperatures have been up to 35*c for the last few weeks, so I'm not sure how we're going to manage the heat. I'm told it is dry heat which is easier to bear than the humidity that we've been used to in Singapore. But we shall see.

There are no Starbucks in Perth, but I'm sure we'll find new favourite coffee houses, as long as they also do soy hot chocolate! There are LOTS of scrap-booking shops there. Hee hee. Once DH is back at work and we've found our apartment, I'll be investigating these. Market research, you understand. Of course. And I believe the sushi bars will need some checking out too. And the parks, the beaches, the houses... it's exciting!

By now, if everything goes according to plan, the keys will have been handed back to the landlord - thank you Lim! - and we will have bid farewell to Happy Harry 2, Dutch Twinkle, Heffalump Child and the apartment where we have lived for two and a half years. We will have had our final barbecue with DH's work (thanks AC!) and we should have been to the Night Safari and said our goodbyes to the tarsier, the flying squirrels, the sugar gliders and the flying foxes. We will have had our final meal at Carnivore with Lorraine and Colin, and our last sushi at our favourite Yotei restaurant. And I will have said goodbye to everyone at the My Type restaurant who I have spent so much time with over the last few years.

I'd like to thank everyone we've met here for adding to our great Singapore experience during our five years here. I don't think there will be tears. We'll see again the good friends we've made, and although we've loved it here, we're ready to move on. If we had left a year ago, I think it would have been a bigger wrench. But I know I will leave a part of my heart here forever.

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Rica said...

Hi Sweetie, glad you arrived save and sound. You seem to be finding your way around nicely. Fingers and everything else crossed for the house.
Thank you so much for your lovely birthday card and those fabulous papers - I'll have to think for something special for those. The lace is just gorgeous.
Send me your address as soon as you have it.
hugs Heather xx