Thursday, 1 July 2010

Back in the land of Oz

DH picked me up from the airport at 1am this morning (is it really still THIS morning?) on time only because all my flights had been delayed. This was just as well, because his new Mazda SatNav sent him to the Domestic airport instead of the International one - a good 15km difference. He was not happy. Well of course he was happy to see me, but the righteously indignant discussing of the SatNav's blatant wrongness took up most of the journey home. Another bug to report methinks.

Compared with the glorious unaccustomed English sunshine I've enjoyed over the past month, it's COLD. It went down to about 5C last night. I was very glad of the electric blanket and my fleecy dressing gown - YES I'm getting old! But the sun and these vivid blue skies, so different from the pale softness of English skies, were warming outside. We're past the shortest day so the hours of daylight will be increasing again. We'll start noticing it properly soon.

DH is off the rest of this week. Bless his heart, almost as I walked in through the door last night, he handed me a leaflet advertising a scrap-booking shop's stall at our local shopping centre, ending today. I told him I had so much from my birthday spending spree that I hadn't even touched yet, but he still took me there and carried the baskets while I popped packets and papers in. He had an animated conversation about the merits of magnetic tape for displaying LOs on canvas with the stall-holder. Crafters and engineers think along very similar lines. I got back with a couple of bags of Kaisercraft pretties and rather a lot of adhesive. I think that's because I haven't got used to how cheap adhesive is here compared with in Singapore. I seem to get a bit excited every time I see it! (Well you can never have too much adhesive, can you?)

I'll be back in my craft room on Monday. I can't wait!

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canadianlinda said...

Trying this again... So glad you made it back home safetly Rosey.