Sunday, 11 July 2010

At last, a craft post

When I was back in the UK visiting my little niece and nephew (having forgotten my camera - what kind of a scrap-booker am I?) I was told that niece is very much into Hello Kitty. I was surprised - she's 7 next week and she went through the Miffy stage at 2. I thought she'd be past it, but apparently it's High Fashion at school.

No problem. I'm sure I've seen a neat little Hello Kitty cutting file somewhere. Now where was it...? {cut to several hours later, having searched all over hard drive, didn't find it but did find several other things instead and got distracted...}

Ooh ooh, I didn't show you the Father's Day card I made for FIL. Let's do that first while I find that cutting file. I made this one from a pile of clearance bits I got from Hobby Craft, the lettering stamps that Georgina gave me (mwah!) and Papermania Hampstead papers. Please forgive the carpet background, but it was created on the carpet, and I'm sure some carpet fluff was incorporated into it, so the carpet deserves some credit. I'm remembering from looking at this photo just how badly my back was aching after this.

OK I got it! has a surprisingly fun bunch of free cutting files, so credit where credit's due. Just put in some scraps of card-stock, a few hours of head-scratching and intense concentration, a good light, tweezers and gummy fingers, add Stickles (phew) and you get..... this.

I'm chuffed. But that's really not important. The point is, do you think a 7-year-old would like it?


Georgina said...

I made a hello kitty card similar to this recently for my friends friends daughter! LOL I forgot to take a photo as it was done in a bit of a last minute rush kind of thing but she apparantly LOVED it! I think youre niece will be very impressed!

chris said...

Aw love your hello kitty card, and your fathers day card is brilliant.
hugs chris xx

Emma said...

If she's into hello kitty as you say shell totally love it!!

Great to land on your blog. I'm on the lookout for creative Perth blogs as I shall be moving on down under to Perth probably around september, so an extra bonus to find a Brit blog there!

Tamara said...

Oh Rosey, I love the hello kitty card!!!