Friday, 15 October 2010

Scrap Whispers Blog Hop

Hellllllllllllllllllo, hello, hello, hello, hello and WELCOME to another Scrap Whispers Blog Hop!

This month's tutorial has been written by your very own blog host {bowing left, right and centre} and if I say so myself, is rather nice! I watched the advent of the Kindle, and the iPhone electronic book apps, and experienced a slight worry that the printed page would die out, but thankfully books are as popular as ever. And they don't take batteries. ;-)

So, do you fancy making this pretty dust jacket, a complement to any book-lover's Christmas stocking?

Go for it. Show us what you can do!

If you came straight here, swing over to Scrap Whispers first, and take a couple of hours out to make a masterpiece. Link your creation up to the Scrap Whispers blog (or e-mail it to Georgina at if you haven't got a blog) then follow the links through the DT's blogs and leave us each a nice comment. Your next port of call is the lovely KELLY.

Enjoy the hop!

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Nilsa said...

Loved this tutorial!