Sunday, 10 October 2010

We're back

DH and I have been in the UK for the last 3 weeks working on renovating our little house for when we move home. We flew back to Australia yesterday, and have been spending today catching up on sleep and laundry. (Why is it that even when you have access to a perfectly good washing machine, you still accumulate laundry so quickly?) Spring in Perth has been sunshine, wind and showers, very much like the weather we left behind in England's beautiful autumn. I got one load hung out and almost dried before the showers out-weighed the sunshine. Ironing next I guess. {sigh}

So I've done nothing creative since mid-September, except hold the vacuum cleaner underneath DH's drill as he chased walls and put in ceiling lights. He did think my outfit for this was very creative: an over-sized face mask, a pair of safety goggles and... a shower cap. Well he told me to cover up! Luckily there is no photographic evidence of this, hehee.

My internet access was limited and patchy, but I picked up an e-mail from The Craft Stand to say that I won September's card-making challenge. That made my day! This is the post showing my Poor Henry card, and here is the other one.

And the inside.

I get a $20 voucher to spend in the store, so I'm just off now to check out their latest stock...


Georgina said...

woohoo! congrats and I LOVE that card - its amazing!

Kimberly said...

I am so happy you guys are back safe and sound! That card is to die for, if I thought for one second mine would look that beautiful I would be begging you to let me "lift" it.