Friday, 21 January 2011

Scrap Whispers Challenge #86 - office stationery

Over at Scrap Whispers this week, the challenge is to use office stationery on your LO. Well the first thing to spring to mind is paper-clips and staples of course, and then I stuck. What else could I use that was acid-free? Off I toddled to our little study upstairs, which was about 36*C at the time (aaargh) and had a (very quick) poke around. I found some stuff in there that I'd forgotten I had. But I came downstairs with a handful of bits and pieces.

I had a pack of coloured staples which I used to frame the photos, although it's hard to see them. The pink geranium is surrounded by pink, the blue love-in-a-mist has a dark blue border, and that gorgeous hearts-ease is framed in gold. The pattern on the back was actually prettier - I wish I had used the staples upside-down really, but maybe you can learn from my experience!

I punched holes out from the sides, and then used the anti-holes (you know what I mean!) as decoration. I had one special paperclip, and one nice shiny one so they got used as they were intended for, and then I went digging in DH's tool bag (I'm wondering whether I'm ever going to get my shopping bag back... ;-) ) borrowed his pliers, and made some curlicues out of three of the less shiny ones. Now sticking those on was not easy either, but liquid glue did it. I'm too impatient to use liquid glue normally. I'll happily spend far more time working out a way of sticking something instantly than I could have done just waiting for the goo to dry. And I never realised that till now {face-palm}.

Using the correction tape for the labels was a bit of a gamble, because this stuff is almost certainly NOT acid-free, so I kept it away from the photos. But I thought that was an inspired idea! I also sat fiddling with treasury tags (you know, those bits of green string (STRING! I forgot to use string - aargh) with the metal bits on either end, that you use to bind papers with?) but I just couldn't get them to look like anything I wanted on the page, without cutting the metal ends off. I suppose I could have done that.

Anyway, now it's over to you. I've given you a couple of extra ideas, but what else can you drag out of your office area which we haven't thought of?

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Kimberly said...

Your layout is lovely! The colors are so bright and crisp. It makes me miss spring :(