Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Some exciting news!

Well if I can't blow my own horn on my own blog, where can I blow it? Hehee.

I've been accepted onto Susan Godfrey's Creative Team (or CT) for digital scrap-booking! ("Thank you, thank you very much!") Now I'm a little nervous about this, as although I've done some digi work before, I just got a new laptop, and this time it's a Mac. Yup, very different. I'm still getting used to organising my photos in Apple's own bizarre fashion - well bizarre to this girl who has used Windows all her life.

I love the Mac. I love how it doesn't crash every time I take my eyes off it. The graphics are a-maz-ing. The touch-pad is something else. It boots up in less than a minute, instead of the time it takes to open the blinds, unlock, put the kettle on, make my breakfast, EAT my breakfast while watching the Windows laptop STILL doing its anti-virus checks. {sigh.} I love how you can shut it down in just a few seconds rather than having to go "yeah I'm coming, just a minute, give it a chance... ah you go on and I'll catch you up..." And I love my new PhotoShop Elements 9, which replaces my old version 6.

But it all takes a lot of learning. And I think this may be just what I need to make me learn quicker. I'm loving it!

But back to Susan Godfrey. My friend Kim suggested I apply for a CT position, even though I'm a bit of a digi novice (but learning fast and enthusiastically) and to my surprise, I got it. Susan designs the prettiest and most versatile digital scrap-booking kits I've seen. When I first saw them, I asked Kim whether Susan had just boys, because although her kits do have girlie elements, they are in mostly boy colours - and that's the most adaptable combination. You have to agree with me that bubble-gum pink really does have just the one application!

Have a look at this one, Softly Snowing. How delicate and beguiling and just delicious is this?! 

You can download it from any of these stores:
Susan Godfrey
Faith Sisters
Scrapbooks Gone Digital
Divine Digital

I just went a little crazy when I got it. I made a LO which you can't see yet ;-) and this one:

What do you think? This photo was from June in the UK so it wasn't softly snowing at all, but there were plenty of elements in the kit to use for any time of the year. I really like it! I can't wait to get going on another one now, and as tomorrow is Australia Day and a holiday, I think I may be able to play. Yay!