Friday, 12 August 2011

Christmas in August

I've been so busy this week with extra church work. We had a Parish Council meeting and the resulting minutes had to be typed up, the funeral of one of our elderly parishioners, and another extra meeting to discuss the hymns while I'm back in the UK on my house renovation trip. Between all that and the usual production of the weekly pew sheet and service slides, AND the new Bible Study group, my housework has gone to the dogs. I should be cleaning right now but I have some crafting commitments which will miss their deadline if I don't do them right now. So sorry again DH for the dust.

Here's a quick pile of Christmas cards for Fab's Big Christmas Cards Challenge for August of using a card kit. I got this kit with a magazine - must have been Christmas before last. There are 9 of them which is 1 more than I need for this month, but you know how these things grow so quickly, and you can't stop once you get started. LOL Aren't they colourful?


Fabrizio said...

Lovely cards and wow you're ready to send in bulk come November ! :) X

Tam said...

Nice cards!