Thursday, 18 August 2011

Tawny Frogmouth

This morning I was lying in bed thinking "I really must get up..." when there was a birdy kerfuffle on the air-con unit on the other side of the bedroom wall. It was a really noisy one; ravens were cawing, magpies were fluting, lots of birdy feet were stomping on the roof, the fence, the tiles. I had to go and see what was happening.

Downstairs outside the lounge window, the cacophony was even louder. There was a mob of big birds all flying around next door's trampoline, scolding and flapping.

Then I spotted this guy, perched on one of the posts underneath the overhang of the house.

It's a tawny frogmouth, a cousin of the owl, and he's supposed to be nocturnal. He's obviously decided that his trampoline post is a good spot for roosting, and that he's well camouflaged, and he was reacting to all the fuss by doing what frogmouths do in defence - pretending to be a tree. They are quite common actually but this is the first time I've seen one outside a zoo, so I was, and am, properly excited. Here he is up close. What an endearingly ugly face.

J next door has obviously spotted him too, because I saw the curtains being pulled about as 3 small boys jostled for the best view. He turned his head slowly and gazed down at them, but being convinced of the effectiveness of his cover, he didn't move.

He's still there 3 hours later. Not that I've got up off the sofa to check lately. I don't have to - every few minutes some more birds fly down and swear at him and then fly off. It's a noisy kind of day out there.

ETA: 4 hours later and the poor blighter is still getting disturbed. I'd have found a quieter place to sleep by now.


Squirrel x said...

Awwwwwh! What a funny little chap he is. I hope that sitting there all that time doesn't mean he's got problems, like his talons snared in the trampo netting. Nothing that exotic here today - just the lesser spotted Vincent. Hugs sxx

Squirrel said...

I think he's fine. He's not struggling or anything, and he's very alert. I think he's just doing what frogmouths do in the day-time, which is sitting very still, pretending that he's not there, and trying to get some kip.

If he's still there after dark, I'll go next door and see if I can get a closer look through their window.

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Oh you lucky thing! How fabulous and you're so right he is endearingly ugly. Australia has some fabulous wildlife, Gay x

Georgina said...

I'd never even heard of a frogmouth before - you always teach me something new! He's cute though - poor little mite I hope he is okay and not lost! As long as the other birds don't attack him. Its a long time for him to be sitting there though isnt it