Sunday, 28 August 2011

KLM update

A guy from Amsterdam called me back. He was helpful, calm, friendly and sensible.

The system is still unable to display my number correctly on my view, but it apparently looks OK on theirs so I have to leave it alone.

The only flights we can get to New Zealand with KLM/partners are via Kuala Lumpur! For those of you with a more sketchy knowledge of the geography of this region, that means that instead of flying 3,322 miles south-east, we first have to fly 2,600 miles north-west, then 5,420 miles back south-east again. Nuts, I tell you, nuts!

And the answer to my original question? There is no walk-in Air France/KLM office within 2,500 miles of Perth. Why nobody seemed able to string the words together to tell me this, I'm scared to imagine.

My conclusion is that I feel very sorry for the poor Air France/KLM employees having to work with a rubbish computer system, based around a language which many of them barely speak.

{Climbing down from soap box. Normal service will be resumed shortly.}

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Lorraine A said...

:-( ,,, I have just caught up on this saga !! Oh my goodness !! Are you going to be able to go anywhere ??