Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm in England

That's why I haven't been blogging lately. I have this dongle, you see, and depending on where I am, what the weather is doing, which room I'm in, and who is standing between me and the signal, it's not what you might call reliable. Anyway. That's my problem not yours!

Lots has been going on. DH and I took the 26-hour trip to our beloved gail-swept, raining, misty, grey, dark, dank and chilly country two and a half weeks ago. DH then had a little less than two weeks to pack in seeing family and friends, getting pummelled by our excited little niece and nephew, doing essential renovations to our little house, and getting three cars back on the road again. After he'd popped into work to see whether anyone still recognised him there, that was the end of his "holiday". He flew back to the prospect of a warm Australian spring, with the even warmer, happier feeling of having two good jobs to choose between when he gets back next year. That has to be the first good worky news that he's had for ages. Like months and months. Maybe this time last year. Yay for him! I love him and miss him so much.

Because I'm still here. After seeing my man off on Friday morning, I met up with Georgina on Saturday for a wonderful day out at Wisley and we had a yummy Italian meal with my family - thanks for a gorgeous day G! Sunday was spent gardening for bro and Mum, and baking and putting my Mum back together again after all that gardening work for me ;-) On Monday we met up with my cousin and her two-year-old for a few hours at a petting farm, then it was back on the road to the west country, and the rain hasn't stopped since. Sigh.

The plasterer was here at 8:30am this morning and has finished the essential ceilings and walls. Now it's all up to me to complete. Sanding, sealing, stripping wall-paper, re-papering, painting. And cleaning. LOTS of that. It makes a serious difference to the morale seeing our little house coming up sparkling again even with bare plaster and wallpaper half off. Removing tenant-dirt makes it ours again. And even with the miserable weather that this autumn is blowing our way, there is hope that I might just make a bit of a hole in this massive job ahead. Every single room needs doing. Even the rooms which don't really. Part of me can't wait for the morning so I can start painting ceilings and brighten the place up, and part of me just wants to snuggle up in my sleeping bag on the sofa cushions on the floor of the only habitable room in the house, watching the deer outside the window (they're still here) and pretending that the work doesn't exist.

I may post pics of how it's all getting on, just to prove to DH that I'm NOT just deer-watching! ;-)

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