Friday, 23 September 2011

Scrap Whispers is back!

Well we never really went away actually, but we stopped the weekly challenges over the summer because everyone was so busy, and because not many people were playing along.

But now we have a new format, and the new Scrap Whispers game (separate from the weekly challenges) will start in October, so start your sign-ups now by e-mailing Georgina at

Here is the routine:
- Tutorial challenge
- Colour challenge
- Scrap-lift challenge - well we are a scrap-lifting game blog after all!
- Sketch challenge

Challenges are posted on a Friday, and there is a monthly prize draw from all entrants. For more info, click HERE.

I'm having to scrap digitally while I'm in the UK, which is an added challenge. But you know me - I like a challenge. (Today's challenge for me is dropping a radiator off the wall single-handedly to paint behind it... LOL)

So please spread the word, tell your friends, sign up and join in, and let's get EVERYONE playing along!

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