Saturday, 1 October 2011

Scrap Whispers Challenge #100 - Tutorial

Ooh this is a fun one! This week's Scrap Whispers challenge is a tutorial from our very own Kelly, all about using stamps on a LO in a different way. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to participate in this, but the slight problem of having no card-stock and no stamps has held me up. A poor excuse? Well maybe, but I have finished decorating the lounge and the dining room instead, so I hope the rest of our wonderful DT will forgive me. Once I get back to my room, I'm going to be trying this out.

I also had my hair cut because it was driving me bonkers. Cute eh? I couldn't believe the amount of hair on the floor. I'm not sure it will drive me any less bonkers, but at least it will look pretty while it flaps around my eyes, and up my nose, and gets stuck to the perspiration on my face and tickles my chin. I have another 5 ceilings to paint too, so those white hairs and "dandruff" spots will just finish off my beautiful new "do". Hehee!

This is a new month so there's a new prize to win at Scrap Whispers, and September's winner will be announced very soon. AND...... don't forget the new game! There's just simply so much to do!

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Georgina said...

Loving the new hair do Rosey!