Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Too hot

<----- Look at that temperature there. In case it changes, I'll tell you what it says. 36*C. That's 97* to all you F-ers. Haha. :-)

OK that little joke has cheered me up a teeny bit, and I needed it. The bedroom air conditioning unit was supposed to be replaced this morning. It has been unreliable since we moved in nearly 2 years ago; sometimes the fan comes on but not the compressor, so when we come up to bed the bedroom is still roasting. It is up in the roof of the house, the windows are single-glazed and the insulation is less than (and looks similar to) rabbit bedding. With February night-time temps up in the high 20s, you can imagine what it's like with no a/c.

So this morning the guys turned up as arranged. I say "morning". It was just still morning. Any other day I would have been thinking about lunch.

Two Aussie guys, one impatient, bad-tempered bully of a boss and one subservient, apologetically smiling runner. The boss stank of unwashed. He had a cold and said he was "crook". I supplied iced water all round. He kept wiping his face with his hand and then leaning on my bed. Ack. They dropped water over the floor and all down the stairs. I knew the owner wouldn't like that, so I surreptitiously wiped up where they weren't looking so I didn't upset the boss more than I could help. But the owner requested the cloth and cleaned the floor in the bedroom very obviously.

So they installed the unit, isolating it using the breaker for the whole a/c system in the house - which took about 5 minutes to turn itself into a furnace inside. Remember the 36*C part? An hour and a half of the boss yelling at the runner later, the boss came downstairs saying "not good news". They had found a leak in the gas pipe in the new unit, didn't have time to replace it now, could only come back tomorrow morning (when my choir leaving do is), and couldn't put the old one back in again so we could have at least some a/c (in fact the boss walked away when I suggested that). When I wondered out loud what we were going to do tonight with only one bed and no a/c, I got the reply "not my problem, I've done MY job". Nice.

I was so worried about DH getting a decent night's sleep (not to mention me) that I suggested to the owner that we might have to spend the night in a hotel. He was very good and offered to pay for this, but when I managed to speak to DH, he said that we would manage.

As I think I may have mentioned, it is 36*C up there. DH works in a fridge. I hope there aren't changing tunes later tonight, after it's too late to do anything about it.

I have cleaned that room, cleaned the bed, swished tea-tree around until my eyes watered. It should be sterilised up there now. And I REALLY hope it is, because we don't need the sickies at the moment with the move back to the UK coming up in less than 2 weeks.

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