Sunday, 30 August 2009

Niece and nephew birthdays

Our niece L and nephew C had their 6th and 3rd birthdays respectively last month, with only 3 days between them. Now we have theirs, a new baby cousin's, and my DH's and best friend's birthdays all within 2 week of each other, so July is a busy and expensive month for us!

C is very much into Monsters vs Aliens this year. We've had several Skype video links with his mum, with him sitting on her knee firing Dr. Cockroach (bottom left) at the camera at us. Not a pretty sight. Still I suppose I should be thankful it wasn't BOB (top left) he was throwing at us, because these toys are very realistic!

I printed the images off the net which I don't know if I'm really supposed to. I'm not selling so I suppose it's OK. The silver is from the insulation that came inside a chocolate bag. The green paint is glow-in-the-dark which I thought would be fun for a 3-year-old, now that he's old enough not to try eating it.

L is a High School Musical fan and got a costume for her birthday, which she wore to a HSM party. I'm sure she looked adorable. Thankfully she still likes flowers and butterflies because I couldn't find anything to do with HSM that wasn't heavily copyrighted.

I used my Silhouette to cut the flower template, the Cuttlebug to emboss the pink Basic Grey paper and to cut the scalloped frame. The paper is from American Crafts. It's the kind of deliciously little girlie card that just wasn't around when I was her age.

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Rica said...

Fabulous work Rosey, I'm not sure about the monsters (lol) but I love the girly card..... fabulous papers and colours, love the center piece and the butterfly.
hugs Heather xx