Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jet lag

We're back in sunny Singapore from our trip to the land of the Big Freeze (little old England). The jet-lag is still causing problems, especially for DH who had to go into work today, straight into a long day with a late finish. Lying staring into the darkness for hours is so BORING. But we're unpacked, and I'm working my way slowly through the laundry.

Thank you to everyone who we saw, and who put us up, and who gave us presents and bought us meals and generally made a fuss of us! And a different kind of thank you too, to the workman who broke three separate appointments while we spent one day shifting rubbish in the snow, and two more waiting in an unheated house in sub-zero temperatures. Not impressed by that.

We have less than 3 weeks left in Singapore now. Then our possessions will be on the ship to Australia, and we'll be following them. I think I'm finding the catering the hardest of all, because we can't take any food whatsoever with us. I don't want to waste any, so we're using up all the stuff from the backs of cupboards, without any seasoning left to make it tasty. Once it's all gone, we'll have to eat out, but until then my poor DH is having to put up with some interesting flavour combinations.

No crafting this week, although I really must devote some thought to what crafting items I'll be packing in my suitcase to last for the next 8 weeks. I might have to put my no-buy challenge on hold from the beginning of March until our stuff arrives and we have a house to put it in. Of course, this would be an ideal time to be crafting while DH is at work, but I'll have to see how much weight I'm allowed to pack. Paper is heavy stuff. I think I've done well so far though. I have 19/20 cards finished, 11/25 LOs and 6 Christmas cards. Plus a 12-page mini-album which I don't know how to count towards my LO total. And that was just in January. If I do have to cut myself some slack, I won't allow my conscience to shout at me.

OK, on with the laundry. Getting up off my seat will help to keep my eyes open a little longer!

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