Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My first award!

I got this wonderfully cheerful Award from Heather - thank you Heather!

I've never had one of these before, but I've seen them. For this one I have to list 10 things that give me pleasure, and then pass the award on to 10 of my blogging friends. Isn't that a nice thing to have to do? Hehee! I'm not including any people in my pleasure list because then nobody will feel left out. I love you all!
  • personally giving hand-made gifts
  • cooking delicious meals for my DH
  • making cards and scrap-book pages obviously!
  • Most Haunted
  • home-made molasses chocolate chip cookies
  • receiving parcels and cards
  • surfing on my laptop
  • 75% cocoa chocolate
  • Top Gear
  • a nice glass of red
 And now on to my award winners:
  1. Georgina 
  2. Kelly 
  3. Helen 
  4. Fab
  5. Becky 
  6. Michelle 
  7. Audrey
  8. Nena
  9. Donna 
  10. Kimberley
Over to you ladies, to join me in spreading the love and counting all our blessings.

Have a great week!


Rica said...

Hi Rosey, had to give this one to you, the sweetest of friends!! Mousies are flying as I type, hope they're not air sick and that they reach you before you leave. If not they'll just have to suffer a further plane journey lol.
luv & hugs Heather xx

Fabrizio said...

Thanks for the award ! I shall wear it with pride ! XXXX Fab