Friday, 24 September 2010

Scrap Whispers Challenge #78 - around the camp fire

"Use this theme as your inspiration - maybe use fire colours, add some kind of wooden embellishment to your page, scrap about something warm, photos of toasting marshmallows, use lyrics from a popular camp fire song, tents, fishing - its up to you."

I think my Scrap Whispers LO this week requires some explanation.

My problem is, the only time I ever sat around a camp-fire was when I was a Brownie Guide. And it wasn't even a real camp fire, just a few logs, a pine cone or two and some scrunched-up red cellophane on the floor of the new Brownie Hut. (I mean, can you imagine two dozen excited little girls and real fire? Exactly. Besides, it was probably raining outside. It nearly always rained on Brownie night.)

So to keep us from running amok and to kid us that we really were warm enough, we used to sing this song, all sitting on the ground with legs out-stretched.

“My ship sailed to China with a cargo of tea
All laden with treasure for you and for me
They brought me a fan, just imagine my bliss
When I found myself going like this, like this, like this, like this...”

And the left hand would make the fan movement, all through singing it again, then the right hand would join in for the next rendition, and then the left leg and finally the right leg – except that it never got that far because we usually collapsed in giggles by then.

Did you ever sing that one? Ah... {sighs nostalgically} I still remember the smell of the Brownie Hut - the newness of plaster and wood, intermingled with dust and Dettol and possibly just a little wee...

Anyway, that was my inspiration for this LO, and the fact that it was jolly hot in the Chinese Gardens. Best I could come up with.

Did you have real camp fires? Lucky you. Let's see it then!

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