Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Christmas cards

The winter is coming to an end here. We've had some pretty nice sunny days, where the temperature must have reached the early 20s - warmer out than in. DH and I went for a carvery lunch on Sunday and they were still doing their Christmas in July offer, so the dusty baubles and fruit cake with custard, which are their nods to Christmas, were still very much in evidence. There were no crackers and silly hats, or Christmas music, and in every other respect this was just a very enjoyable carvery meal. It was so unChristmassy!

Nevertheless, when I got back, I pulled out my supplies from the post-Christmas sales last year (or was it the year before?) and took stock. I found a double sheet of Cosmo Cricket enormous die-cut letters which I'd bought on clearance. I remember getting them home and feeling so completely Christmassed-out that they went in a bag for next year. Now I realised that they did have potential after all.

There are some weird and wonderful shapes, some of which even I can't work out how to make into Christmas: t, Q, "&", y and w in particular had me scratching my head before putting them back in the bag yet again! But the others, now they got me excited. I'm not going to show them all, but these are just for Kim, who asked to see them yesterday during our little cyber-crop just before my laptop fell over in a big and unexpectedly spectacular way. So with apologies to all for departing from the chat room so abruptly and without saying goodbye, here they are.


Becky said...

These are so pretty!

And I will forgive you for bailing on our chat! ;)

Georgina said...

ooh they are cute

how about:

T'was the night before christmas

Queens Speech

Yule Log

Winter Wishes

Kimberly said...

Oh I love them!!! If you don't mind I'm going to lift these...pretty please with sugar on top! We were wondering what happened to you the other night. Thanks for posting these you are too sweet!