Saturday, 28 February 2009

Comedy Club

We went out last night to a fantastic Comedy Club called Howl at the Moon in Singapore. They have a house band and "duelling pianos", and the last weekend of each month they have stand-up comics. So good! Stephen Grant was rib-achingly funny and very sharp-witted. They all seem to have the same basic material though: the differences between Singapore and England, sex, picking on the different nationalities in the audience, genitalia, sex, relationships - oh and did I mention sex? This guy used the F-bomb only to effect, which was refreshing. If some of them took the curses out of their sketches, they'd have to write twice as much banter.

We loved the music. There are two grand pianos jammed on that stage, and they'll take requests from the audience. After the comedians have finished, they bring out the big guns: guitars, drums, harmonicas, you name it. They're like the Blues Brothers - any of them can play anything, and they're a comedy act in themselves. Highly recommended if you happen to be out this way!

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Tamara said...

Dueling pianos...I've been to one when I lived in Texas. I loved it. It was a fun night. Glad you enjoyed yours too.