Tuesday, 17 February 2009

More crafting

I had a great day yesterday card-making. I've entered my creations into 5 competitions with various end-dates, and the possibility of actually winning something after having the fun of creating them as well is addictive.

Yesterday we had 2 short, sharp thunderstorms. During the second one the rain must have come from a different direction, and it just streamed into our back balcony. Unfortunately it brought with it a whole pile of mud from the balcony above - I think one of their plants must have fallen over. It made such a mess! Splattering mud all over the walls and over my cleaning cloths that were hung out to dry. I went upstairs to tell them, and the door was opened by a man in a suit who listened then ran off, shutting the door in my face - no apology or anything. I could see over his shoulder that the apartment was empty and obviously being refurbished.

And today there's a herd of elephant-footed construction workers up there, all clomping about and making my ceiling rattle. We've already got one of the other apartments on our floor having their marble floors being hacked - well you can imagine the noise that's making.

So.... I've decided to go out. Bye for now...

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