Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fantastic day scrapping!

Today was my first class at the EK Success Scrapbook Design University! I had a great time. There are only 3 of us in this class so we had plenty of attention. Now I have homework to do for next week, as well as bringing in photos of the work we've done so far. I just love working with pretty stuff, and sharing ideas with other people. So cool!

Then I got home, and my newly rebuilt-with-Vista laptop downloaded some Windows updates which caused it to think that my version of Vista was not validated. Hrmph. Wouldn't start Windows at all except to take us to the web-page where a plenty of other people have reported the same problem but nobody has found out why yet. The Backup and Restore function was disabled in Safe mode, and it was only by DH helping me delve deep into the bowels of it that we found a way of restoring it. Phew.

Our friends have been on at us for literally years to BUY A MAC. Every time we have hassles with virus protection software. Whenever our ancient limping desktop falls over, causing DH to spend a frustrated weekend sorting it out. Every time we have to upgrade, buy new bits, just to keep it working. We've been researching and they've got a point. Macs aren't that upgradable. Once you need more memory, you have to buy a new one, not just buy more memory like Windows PCs. So you have to throw away a perfectly good monitor, hard disk etc. No trade-in, no recycling. But it's not nearly as susceptible to viruses, is a lot more stable, there's a lot more built-in software and the graphics are tremendous. So, decisions, decisions. Meanwhile, thank goodness it's working again - or rather, thank DH :-)

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