Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hair straighteners

In this land where all the trendy girls have black, straight, shiny hair hanging across their faces, I'm a foreign misfit. I have thick, brown hair that is straight on top of my head, but the layers underneath look like a poodle. When I've cut it short in the past, it called to mind a thatched roof.

So I went to the hair-dresser's and got my hair straightened to look pretty for Christmas Day. Not rebonded (although there was a small language problem and I came close to that) - just temporarily with those flat-iron hair straighteners. We liked it so much that DH bought me a set for Christmas.

Now it took the poor hair-dresser nearly 2 hours to straighten it, so I'll be honest, I've been putting off trying out this new gadget for the sake of my aching arms. The other night DH was watching something on TV so dull that I was seriously considering doing some ironing. Yes, that dull. Then I remembered the straighteners and had a go at using them in the dark.

I didn't do a bad job. Only burned one finger. Arms are still attached, and it only took half an hour. And to my amazement, it actually worked! I've joined the ranks of the hip and trendy.

Now I just have to get a yellow baby doll dress and a 6" wide bling belt around my ribs, some black and white striped knee-socks, purple pumps and a giant glittery pink hand-bag with fluffy toys dangling off it, and I'll look right at home on a Saturday morning in the city malls...

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