Thursday, 12 March 2009

Automated system FAIL

I can post about this now that the gift has arrived. I couldn't before, just in case Mummy and Daddy were reading this blog - teehee!

Let's say you placed an on-line order for a surprise present for someone's beautiful, special baby in a different country. It needs batteries so you order those too from the same company. Both items are showing as available and in stock. You've paid extra for gift-wrapping, so presumably they've worked out that it is, in fact, a gift.

Then you get an e-mail from the company saying that the batteries have been dispatched and the main item will be sent later. DUH. Spoil the surprise, why don't you??? Didn't it occur to you that a pack of batteries arriving in the mail unannounced might possibly give the game away? Or even worry the recipient?

I'm off now to find a "banging-head-against-the-wall" emoticon.

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