Monday, 23 March 2009

Junk food

DH and I were in this Japanese food court a while ago. There was a local girl in there wearing this fantastic t-shirt with a logo across the chest saying "SAY NO TO JUNK FOOD". Wow, I thought - I need one of those!

On our way home, we stopped off at a shopping mall which had a lot of designer t-shirt shops (and a Mac shop, which may or may not have been DH's reason for actually suggesting that I looked for clothes - hehee!)

One place looked particularly likely: New Urban Male, the home of the Roger Hargreaves Mister Men and Little Misses t-shirts amongst other wacky brands, AND they were doing a buy-2-get-20%-off. We browsed and each found a t-shirt that we liked - DH's had Scooby-Doo playing a rock guitar and mine was Little Miss Curious. Very appropriate!

I asked the Singaporean lad about the t-shirt. I said I'd seen this fantastic t-shirt logo which said "say no to junk food", and had he heard of it and did they stock them here? He said "yes, over here." Well my eyes just about popped out. Seriously? I'd hit the jackpot in the first shop I'd tried? He lead me over to a clothes rack and waved his hand "all these". ALL these? Hmm. I looked. None of them had that logo on the front. Hmm. What could he think I meant? I looked closer. Aha! The labels! This whole range of t-shirts had the brand name "junk food". I've never even heard of it. I suddenly felt very elderly indeed...

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Tamara said...

Ah yes we will just have to remember with fondness the days when we could keep up! Good thing we are crafty and smart!