Friday, 13 March 2009

What was that? I can't hear you

This has been a noisy week, but today is the worst of all.

Have I mentioned about Heffalump Child? It recently moved into the apartment above us, along with High Heels Mother. It runs races with itself from one end of the apartment above us to the other, several times a day for about half an hour. So I hear bang bang bang bang bang bang BANG BANG BANG bang bang bang bang bang bang, over and over again. It also has a fondness for wooden blocks, and child and maid seem to spend more time throwing them around the marble floors than seems strictly necessary.

The Wednesday mosquito "fogging" has now been changed to Tuesdays and Fridays, so for an hour on those mornings we get what sounds rather like an industrial leaf-blower. This signals that it's time to close all the doors and windows, stay inside, and whatever else I do, DO NOT put anything down the rubbish chute if I don't want to get a cloud of stinking insect repellent blasting up into my face.

You can't call the daily thunderstorms exactly quiet, either.

But all this (except Heffalump Child - NOTHING drowns that out) has been eclipsed by the renovation work to the lift lobbies on floors 4, 14 and 16. They're hacking up the quarry floor tiles and replacing them. They're using jack-hammers. We're on floor 19, and it sounds and feels as if they're working right outside my front door. The warning notices said this would be 9-4:30 (except Saturday afternoons and Sundays) from the 4th to the 11th, but it didn't start until the 11th so I suppose we've got this until next Wednesday.

And on that collection of discordant notes, I'm going out! Actually on second thoughts, I think I'll wait until after the fogging's finished, and hope the rain holds off.

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