Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Revenge on Heffalump Child

DH was sitting in our lounge on Saturday surfing on his new MacBook, when Heffalump Child started clomping around upstairs and dropping small metallic objects that bounced across the marble floors. We exchanged a few pointed comments about why the parents can't buy the kid a foam play mat. We wondered whether it would be diplomatic to buy one and leave it outside their front door with a message on "with love from your downstairs neighbours". Teehee.

I confessed to a small black mark on the ceiling where I'd lost my temper with a broom handle. It worked though. The noise had stopped instantly. DH looked at me with interest, then got up from his chair and put a CD into the player. Possibly a little louder than was strictly necessary. The clomping paused, then continued. DH turned the volume up just slightly.

Now whether we drowned out Heffalump Child with it (and remember that construction work and a thunderstorm combined couldn't manage that) or whether it was surprised into silence, we couldn't quite tell. But something worked.

We discussed the piano again (I haven't played it since the German twinkle episode) and DH said yes OK they could probably hear it but there's no way they would be bothered by it at the volume level I have. Phew. That made me feel lots better.

Then we got ready to go out. To my surprise, DH didn't turn off the CD player. We grinned at each other and left...

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