Saturday, 3 October 2009

World Card-Making Day

...was today. I made 8 more Christmas cards before DH got up. Bless him, he's fighting off a malicious little Malaysian snot germ that he brought back with him, so he needed a good sleep in. After I'd done the cards, I logged in to look at Fab's blog, because I've decided to go back and do as many of his older challenges as I have time to do. Only then did I realise that there were umpteen World Card-Making Day challenges out there that I really should have joined in instead. And of course once DH got up, we had to do non-card stuff. These crafty events always seem to fall on weekends when I have family commitments. Ah well, such is life.

So no pictures today I'm afraid, but the Christmas cards will get posted at some stage, I'm sure. We did get my iPhone fixed, bought some clothes for my Mum, and some magazines and had a steak meal. I think we had a good, productive, earthquake-free day together. Now I'm crossing my fingers, toes (and nose) that we don't end up sharing the snots as well.

Happy World Card-Making Day!

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