Saturday, 11 April 2009

:( DH delayed

Last weekend DH went to the back of beyond in Oz for a week to work. He was coming back tonight. Yesterday he called to say that everything that could go wrong [i]has[/i] gone wrong - even the backup equipment failed. So he'll be away until next weekend. His parents are coming to stay with us for a fortnight on Monday week, so if he isn't back for their arrival then he'll have more to worry about than failed backup kit!

Meanwhile that gives me a little more time to prepare. I spent yesterday baking. I made nearly 60 molasses cookies and a box of spicy fruit slices. Today I'll be making soup to freeze and some beef stew. That, along with some fish and a turkey I got for the visit, is about all our freezer will hold. We have an enormous freezer, but nearly half the useful space is taken up with the water chiller, and the ice-maker that we don't use. It's the most stupid freezer I've ever had.

On the craft front, I've been lent a pack of Cuttlebug alphabet dies by Lorraine, so I'm going to run those through and get a few sets cut before I give them back on Thursday. Plus I have another Challenge LO to complete today: about the gadget/object that I can't do without. That's a tough one. I mean my laptop is very high on the list but I want something that everyone else won't be using too. Hmm, thinking cap on!

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Tamara said...

I'm sure he will make it home in time. :) Those molasses cookies just sound so yummy. I wish I could try one!