Sunday, 26 April 2009

Top Gear

Last September my brother came out to stay with us for the Formula 1. OK, I'd like to think he came to see us too, but he timed his visit perfectly! We managed to get tickets for one of the better stands for the whole weekend and it was an amazing experience.

It was the first ever night race in the history of F1, and also the first time Singapore had hosted the race. It was a street track like in Monaco, and they spent I don't know how much on building a pits area and brand new approach roads. Our stand was perfectly positioned opposite the Esplanade Theatre and Concert Hall, right by the food "village", close to the portaloos and with a view of a long straight part of track which ended right by us at turn 14 and then went underneath the main grandstand. We had a massive screen to watch the TV footage, which was needed because otherwise we would have had no idea what was going on.

The noise was indescribable! We had a speaker blaring at us at a volume that we thought to be unnecessary until the cars went past - then we realised why. Wow! The ear-plugs went in very early on.

We went for a walk-around the night before the 3-day event (you could say we were excited!) and suddenly walking the other way along the pavement was David Coulthard! My brother had the presence of mind to get his camera out in time to take a photo. Excitement instantly doubled!

The race itself was very entertaining, with Massa from Spain driving off with the fuel pump still attached to his fuel tank, and controversy over illegal pit-stops when the safety car was out - and more controversy because the safety car had to come out at practically every race because of various cars' altercations with the race barriers and walls - the height of the bumps on the track edges was blamed. But nobody was seriously injured. Massa won the race but British Lewis Hamilton (my brother's favourite) came in second and won the series so we were happy!

I fell in love with this paper for a Formula 1 LO! I used some goodies from my ScrapJazz prize, and made the journalling spots to match the Top Gear wheel.

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