Monday, 6 April 2009

A little dream come true

OK this is funny!

Heffalump Child has a piano. Well I wasn't quite sure whether it was Heffalump Child upstairs or German Twinkle from the floor below. I've heard Chopsticks being played very enthusiastically from somewhere, but it can be pretty hard to tell where sound is coming from. Chopsticks on repeat mode can be fairly irritating, and that's why I've never learned, or even tried to play it.

The other day I was again sharing a lift with German Twinkle. He's sweet. We chatted and joked, and I asked whether my piano playing was bothering him. He Twinkled again and asked "Chopsticks?" I said "do you hear Chopsticks being played?" and he made that slightly confused "well... er... yes..." look. Interesting. "Do you have a piano?" I asked. He shook his head.

BINGO! He's hearing Heffalump Child's piano 2 FLOORS AWAY. They're THAT loud.

I'm now just living for the day when he asks me how old my child is...

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