Wednesday, 8 April 2009

German Twinkle anomaly resolved

Because he's Dutch! That makes much more sense!

My doorbell went yesterday, just when I was sitting in my nightwear having a quick surf before getting dressed. Not the lift buzzer, which gives me just enough time to fling on a t-shirt and shorts before the lift arrives, but the actual doorbell. I don't think that's ever happened before, and it meant that someone was standing outside my door, about to see me in my jimmy-jams. Horrors! Thankfully the first t-shirt I could grab was long enough to cover my pretty pink shorts, and I opened the door to find my downstairs neighbour there.

He came to find out about DH's guitar teacher, because he'd got fed up with waiting for his shop to find one for him. DH is away at the moment, and I didn't have the details so I gave him the shop name and my card. While he popped downstairs to get his card, I got a pair of shorts on and felt much more comfortable! He came back and came in for a cup of tea and a chat. He's sweet!

After he'd gone, I realised that that's the first time anyone has dropped in for a chat and a cup of tea without calling first, in the whole time we've been in Singapore. Even my neighbours in the old place lived in different blocks of the same condo and had to buzz me to come up. How about that? In a city of 6 million people (or whatever it's up to now) I'm more isolated than I was in our quiet little house on England's beautiful coastline.

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Tamara said...

Odd isn't how we get used to people phoning or warning us before they arrive? Now to just have someone on the doorstep can seem a tad shocking. Glad it all worked out though and that you've met a nice neighbor.