Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pianos and crafting

Yesterday I had my second piano lesson. Why is it that when I've been practising something for 2 weeks and can ALMOST get it right albeit at hibernating tortoise pace, I screw it up royally when I have to play it in front of the teacher? She was so nice about it - laughed and said the same thing happens to her and to everyone. At least she understands, but I felt so cross with myself.

Afterwards I consoled myself by going downstairs to the $2 shop, and getting some heart brads and a selection of felt sheets in lots of colours. After a year of owning it, I still only have 1 set of dies for my Cuttlebug apart from a snowflake one and an oversized stamp one that came with the machine. The range in Laine's is not best, so I think some on-line shopping is in order. Meanwhile I can make flower-shaped embellishments and that's it - but I use those a lot.

Lorraine came round for half an hour on Tuesday afternoon to show me her beautiful baby album, and stayed until nearly tea-time! I love that! Because we're both scrap-booking now, we can share ideas and tools, and tips for sale items we come across. It's just so nice to have a crafting buddy!

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