Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Scrap Whispers!

I'm kicking myself at the moment, because I just realised that I set you up for seeing my secret lay-out for the main Scrap Whispers Challenge back in April, and then I completely forgot to post it.

The Big Reveal was at the end of May (I'm still blushing), and it was fascinating to see how the original LO changed with each scrap-lift. One team actually managed to lose some major elements of the design, and then magically put them back without even knowing they used to be there. How about that!

This was my slightly dark and mysterious contribution.

The journalling reads "2009 is the first year that Singapore has participated in Earth Hour. The idea is to "vote Earth" by switching off all the lights at 8:30pm for an hour wherever you are in the world. We turned off all the fans and the air-conditioning too, and played Yahtzee by candlelight. It was SO hot! He got the highest overall score. I won 2 out of 3 games. So who won?"

The next round is already under way. My week is at the beginning of August, then the Big Reveal will probably be around the end. I must remember to tell you this time!

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Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

What a neat idea for a SB page!!! I love those colors together, just gorgeous as always. You are motivating me to scrap more, I'm so behind on Aiden's pictures.