Tuesday, 28 July 2009


One of the Scrap Jazz Challenges for July is to produce a page with the title of a TV programme. I did one of these a few months ago, and I chose Top Gear and showcased some photos from when the Formula 1 first came to Singapore.

This time I struggled with an appropriate TV title. I mean there are loads I could use, but I wanted something we actually watch. I really thought after 3 weeks of mulling it over, that I was going to be reduced to using Friends.

DH was the one who came up with this idea. We both love watching House. This has nothing to do with my being in love with Hugh Laurie or him having a thing about Lisa Edelstein or anything like that, you understand. Of course not.

So out came some rather gorgeous photos of our beloved home in the UK: the view from the window, the house itself, and I went to Google Earth and printed off a superb aerial view of the house.

And now to embellish it. Well I wanted something woodsy, as the house is in a very woodsy location and we have a running battle to keep deer out of the garden, and badgers from digging up the grass, and squirrels from eating the bird-seed. I saw a tutorial on the net for something completely different, but it showed these very cute owls, and I thought I bet I can make something very like those myself.

I cut a rounded shield-shape from the back of the striped Scenic Route paper, inked the edges in brown and the middles in different shades of green. The outer part of the eyes was from my leaf punch, and so were the wings. The inner eye was from my hole punch, and the feet were 3 of the petals from a flower punch, all inked. I'm just so chuffed with how adorable they look. Their beaks, the arrow and the flower were hand cut from some sheets of felt from the $2 shop.

It's a very plain page really. I might add some more stuff to it another time. Or maybe not. The colours make me smile.


Kelly said...

Love this LO! What a fab photo from Google Earth.

Leslie said...

your LOs for the fest were awesome. love the owls!