Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Basic Gray "Wisteria"

I bought this little pad of 6"x6" papers when I was out with L at Laine's. They were having a 30% off promotion, which I was interested in, but only if I found something I wanted, you know? I saw these, and they're just so pretty, but I wasn't sure how I would use them... And THEN I spotted a matching pack of rub-ons (what we used to call transfers when I was a child) and, well, that was me suckered. The red mist descended and I HAD TO HAVE THEM! Anyone who knows me well knows that that just isn't me, so they must be pretty special.

I used my beee-ooo-tiful new toys to make this card for Joey Rene's birthday on ScrapJazz. It has been received so now I can show you too. Isn't it just delicious? Haha!

The outside:

And inside:

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Leslie said...

gorgeous cards